Work Cells

Everything you need to streamline and control
the assembly process and attain output goals.

Handheld EBS Machine

Portable ink-jet coding that replaces traditional manual coding methods by improving and economizing ink management while minimizing energy consumption.

Adjustable Mobile Work Cell

Push button adjustable height work cells and machine bases. Customized to your lean manufacturing system for improved productivity and safety.

Custom Tagging

Labels that are customized to display information regarding equipment maintenance or other information to keep workers safe.

Brady BMP21

Portable label printer that creates clear, legible labels designed to withstand harsh environments.

5S Board

Represents five disciplines for maintaining a visual workplace (visual controls and information systems) that is safe and free of hazardous conditions. 5S stands for Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.

Schedule Board

Manages daily activities of departments and workers to keep a visual of scheduling, maintenance, production, and operations control to help maximize production goals.

Job Instruction Holder

Reusable pockets that are used to protect and display vital instructions in designated areas or on equipment and machinery.

7S Board

Represents two additional disciplines to the 5S method for maximum productivity: Spirit and Safety.


Identification markers that allow workers to trace process problems and find solutions faster.

Visual Workplace Cart

Custom visual control boards for any application to standardize and sustain successful lean manufacturing.

Work cell product benefits 

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Cellular manufacturing is a stepping stone to achieving world class manufacturing status.
A work cell is organized around the production of a specific group of products, designed to promote efficiency and reduce waste. Volk Corporation distributes a wide selection of visual management & industrial marking products designed to help maximize productivity and minimize waste in your facility.
We offer durable products designed to withstand the harsh environments that your manufacturing facility may create.
  • Custom visual instruction boards that manage scheduling, maintenance, production, and operations control
  • Custom Tags are used in a variety of applications within the plant. Sizes, colors and shapes vary, depending on how the tags are being used.
  • Clear markers and signs that keep your products conveniently organized
  • Versatile printers that economize ink management and reduce waste
  • Bin markers and custom signs clearly identify safety hazards and keep products organized to maintain safety and efficiency on your production line
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Volk Corporation’s custom marking and tagging products keep your equipment organized, allowing workers to find solutions faster and maintain efficiency. Our work cell products are key elements to accomplishing lean manufacturing and maintaining a visual workplace that keeps your workers safe and workflow efficient.