The Mobile In-House Sign Shop

The Mobile In-House Sign Shop® system is the ideal tool to support 5S, Lean and Safety.

 The Sign Shop is an affordable tool that provides the easiest, most cost-effective way to get the signs and visuals you need for a safer, leaner, more efficient facility.
Easy to use—Includes all the tools and training to get started immediately.
Flexible & Fast—Allows your team to make signs where you need them,
when you need them. No more waiting on outside resources.
Affordable—Instead of buying your signs, make them quickly and easily
at a fraction of the cost. Save up to 75% off the cost to purchase signs. 

The System includes everything you need to get started immediately:

• 5S Crash Cart
• Vinyl Cutting Plotter
• Laptop Computer
• Gemini CP Design Software
• Supplies to Make 64 Signs
• Sign Making Tools
• Sign Templates & Clipart
• Live Web Training
• Technical Support